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SW40/SWH40/SW60 Wastewater Pumps

High flow submersible pump.

The SW40/SWH40/SW60 Series Wastewater Pumps are rugged cast iron submersibles which provide pump capacities to 1,100 GPM, with heads of up to 100 feet through either a 4" or 6" ANSI standard flanged outlet. The heavy-duty industrial rated motor features a stainless steel shaft supported by ball bearings. These pumps feature internal circuitry to detect seal leakage and overheating of the windings. Options available for these units include lift-out system components, control panels, switches, and alarms.

  • Dual Shaft Seals - Isolates motor from sewage.
  • Impeller - Non-overloading design provides maximum force over entire pump curve; non-clog for solids up to 4" in diameter.
  • Motor Shaft - Stainless steel with ball bearing.
  • Internal Oil Reservoir - Lubricates shaft seals

SW40/SWH40/SW60 Wastewater Pumps

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