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"Pump-In-A-Box" inventory PumpBiz® supplies an advanced pump purchasing and servicing solution. We let you specify pumps yourself, saving time and reducing effort. PumpBiz enables you to either purchase pumps directly or to easily provide your purchasing departments with the exact information needed to buy the right pumps. Pumpbiz also enables your company with multiple locations to centralize and consolidate their pump buying. We provide you with accurate, up-to-date information about pumps and feedback from their users.

We sell pumps for chemical, wastewater, sump, water, coolants and all other industrial process fluids. Our range covers all common types; centrifugal, diaphragm, vertical, magnetic drive, metering, drum, gear, multistage, self-priming, jet and ANSI.

PumpBiz.com’s online configuration and specification engine replaces meetings, telephone calls, and faxes between buyers and sellers with a simple online streamlined process. Online order confirmation means you have less follow-up to do. We provide online operating and maintenance instructions (OMI) for the products we sell. Our solution utilizes enabling Internet technologies and leverages our extensive industry expertise to streamline the traditionally inefficient and expensive supply chain.

PumpBiz represents only recognized and trusted manufacturers and most of our clients have already purchased from these manufacturers in the old traditional marketplace. Our close partnerships with recognized industry associations and industry experts add benefits to our end users. Our call center, our sales department, and our partners support our Web site.

PumpBiz revolutionizes pump distribution through a six key component strategy:

1: For the first time, you have a wide choice among pumps and do not need to rely on a rep’s limited choice knowledge. PumpBiz offers you side-by-side comparisons and reviews. Once you select a pump, you can instantly place the order via the web 24/7 or Toll Free at 1-800-PumpBiz. With Pumpbiz, there is no more waiting for a local distributor to open, turn on the phones, or return a voice mail message.

2. With MyStockRoom™ you have instant access to past purchasing and related information for your account or your group, if setup.

3. We offer copies of manuals that always seem to get lost, a database of symbols, clip art and pictures for creating diagrams, and links to other leading pump-related sites.

4. We provide customers with convenient repair authorizations, repair parts and status of repairs. We also help locate local installers which is important if you have multiple locations.

5. With PumpU, PumpBiz eliminates knowledge barriers by helping you choose the right pump and shows you how to use, install and repair pumps.

6. We provide suppliers and affiliates with a new marketing channel to showcase their products and technology, services and events.

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